Enchanted Island #14308

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The Story

A small enchanted island lies on the horizon of a calm and beautiful pale blue sunset on Lake Michigan. There are no intense colors in this sunset, only a peaceful pastels. The water spirit below matches the mood of the gentle sky spirit above by making small, even, rounded ripples coming into shore. On this evening, there was harmony between the two.

And what of that enchanted island, the small black line of dots on the distant horizon? I have no idea if it really was enchanted, but any mystery island in such a peaceful waterscape might very well be. After this shot was created, I took a good but still faraway look at the tiny island through a long telephoto lens. It appeared to be just a jagged line of rocks jutting up and home to just some trees. But of course, for someone with an imagination, that’s all it would take for a little enchantment to occur.

Location: on Lake Michigan, overlooking Green Bay at the town of Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.

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