Essence #09310

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The Story

It’s not often that snow falls with fall leaves still on the trees. But the snow came unexpectedly in Pennsylvania one night while I was away shooting further south in Virginia. Early that morning, I got a call from a friend saying about the new snow and how dramatic the scenery was with the colored leaves on white.

Immediately, I headed north. This was a light, wet snow falling near freezing, so it wasn’t going to last long. I set a course into the highest elevations I could reach quickly. That meant the mountains of Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

Not often seen, the entire day was simply a visual marvel.  The unexpected four inches of snow overlaying the usual fall scenery created a wonder world landscape not often seen. Unusual was the word of the day…stunningly beautiful were obviously two more.

The day was still luminous and fog and mist arching overhead made an even light of pale gray. Against it, the fall leaf color palette had its best background.

In this picture, a solitary young maple tree in red is surrounded by snow white. Some of the branches have come down from the added weight which had happened all through the woods too.

Clear and direct standing in singleness, this maple tree in an open farm field makes visual drama without the forest clutter.

Location: near Donegal, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

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