Essence #9310

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The Story

It’s not often that snow falls with the fall foliage still on the trees, but it happened unexpectedly in Pennsylvania one night while I was away shooting further south in Virginia. I got a morning call from a friend saying about the new snow and how beautiful it was with the colored leaves, so I headed north almost immediately. It was a light, wet snow in higher temperatures near freezing, so it wasn’t going to last long…I headed into the highest elevations I could reach quickly, which meant Somerset County, Pennsylvania. I spent the entire day in the area simply marveling at the beautiful world four inches of unexpected snow had created when mixed with the fall scenery. I always love how snow can change the world so dramatically, but sometimes using a camera was furthest from my mind because this particular snow was so captivating and beautiful. This lone maple tree in an open field offered some of the visual drama without forest clutter, and you can see broken limbs around the trunk due to the added weight of wet snow. I saw many broken limbs that day as nature removed the oldest and weakest of them from the trees.

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