Even Flow #15249

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The Story

A small stream called Aughwick Creek goes slowly along a hillside of trees on the far bank. It’s such a lazy country stream at this point that it nearly looks like a pond. But there are great water reflections from the trees that play strongly on the smooth placid surface.

The water reflections almost seem like a visual call and answer in this black and white photograph. An overhanging silver maple on the near bank is shaded, giving some contrast to the brightly lit trees across the water.

This is just another calm Aughwick Creek fishing hole, one of many that offer some quiet solitude by the water. Sometimes in tranquil places like this one, it doesn’t even matter if the fish are biting.

The stream doesn’t have much water in it and much of the width can be filled with gravel bars covered in low weeds in places. But there are times when the Aughwick can indeed flood dramatically.  If you look closely in the lower left, there’s a large dead tree lying in the water.

For some more river view beauty in another black and white picture, have a look at Hold Your Ground #14984. That tiny yet scenic river island on the larger Juniata River is nothing but rocks and a little dirt held together by a few trees.

Location: rural Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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