Farm Lane 4th Of July #14763

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The Story

The 4th Of July is fast approaching and even out through the farm lands there is some decorating going on. Down along some of the farm lane, the farmer has put a line of flags atop the worn and weary white fence to celebrate the holiday. The fence is a little crooked, but still stands straight enough to salute the 4th of July holiday serving as a flagpole of sorts.

The very large and very old sugar maple tree covered in lichen has certainly seen plenty of days gone by in its time. But only once a year is there the 4th, and this old tree has probably seen well over a hundred of them.

Even though fireworks and noisemakers are the usual way for most people to celebrate the 4th, out in the country, they celebrate too, but usually a little more quietly.

Location: in the farmlands of Frederick County, Maryland.

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