Floatation #15054

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The Story

In late Fall foliage in the deep woods, yellow beech leaves seem to swirl around two tall tree trunks. They surround them high and low in thin layers and seem to hang effortlessly in the air. The scene has the delicate balance of a hanging mobile and nearly appears to be in motion.

Tall and thin, the young beech trees are not much more than a few years old. Their skinny trunks almost seem to disappear compared to the older ones. But their fanned out limbs in bright yellow leaves certainly do show up dramatically in the dark woods, further darkened by recent rain.

Bottom left, a very young oak puts up oversized sun-catching baby leaves that have turned to a dull nearly crimson red.

Further down the hill toward the creek are green hemlocks in the background. A conifer is never a tree to put on a show, they don’t change at all throughout the year. They’re simply evergreen. The deciduous delight of Fall foliage is no concern of theirs.

This picture was taken from a narrow hiking trail in a wooded glen out through some deep woods. It reminds me of two very tall skyscrapers surrounded by floating clouds. That’s where the title Floatation comes in; seems to suit.

For more yellow leaf drama, this time of old sugar maples, have a look at Light Tunnel #13707. If pink is your thing, then you can’t beat Burning Bush 1 #15052, hot pink in close up.

Location: Near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Story and picture © Andrew Dierks.

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