Flower Child #15036

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The Story

Being a true hippie chic by nature and a genuine throwback flower child, Desmerelda throws the peace sign and wears one too. This skeleton girl with flowers in her hair can often be overheard saying things like far out, man, and the occasional groovy. Just like regular people in The Before, skeleton spooks in The After can still be cool and totally hip. Dig it.

A skeleton spook can be flamboyant too. Along with that peace sign of her times, this girl loves her tie-dye clothes and colorful flowers. She once lived large as a creative artist in her old life in The Before and never lost her flair for colorful personal style!

If the Dead can be Grateful, that also means the Deceased can be Peaceful too. There is nothing to fear at all here in the Town of Afterlife, especially on a sunny day at the park like this one. It’s a day made for fun and this skeleton girl certainly enjoys her fair share of it, just as in her old life.

“It’s such a beautiful sunny day to be outside here at Boneyard Park. You know, if I still had lungs like back in the old days, I’d be tempted to pull out the bong!” she said. Then as another thought out loud, she added, “I might just run back to the house to get the cassette player and the Crypt Kicker’s greatest hits album!”

Yes, that would be totallly groovy indeed for any flower child and forever hippie chic, Desi. Peace, man!

Location: Boneyard Park in the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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