Forgotten Path #14195

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The Story

An old abandoned stone arch bridge goes over a small stream into overgrown woods alive with Fall color. It’s an inviting scene that pulls a person…what lies beyond?

This narrow footbridge carries only a footpath, and over time, some stones loosened along the top and fell away into the water. It hadn’t seen much traffic in a very long time and the path on the other side was more of a thicket, as I found out. As well, there was no path worn into the ground leading up to the bridge either.

So, a mystery, a mystery bridge. It seems what was once a reason to go over and through is now gone, but the old stone arch bridge that was built by hand still stands ready to bring you across the little run. The original destination may have left town, but the stone arch bridge remains…for any imaginary destination you may choose.

Location: East Stroudsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks