Forward Motion #14826

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The Story

Grey smoke twirls skyward as the regularly scheduled Strasburg Railroad train pulled by #475 goes past the special train bearing white flags waiting in the siding. Locomotive #90 lets idling black smoke straight up into the air with only casual effort as it waits in the pocket, and some has blown down to the ground and drifts away thinly across the Amish farm fields of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. #475 is blowing the shrieking whistle for a road crossing just behind me and the bright white steam mixes with the gray smoke. It’s steam railroading railroad days like they used to be every day here on the Strasburg Railroad.

It’s always quite a sensation when a steam locomotive goes chuffing by very closely with a whistle warning blasting so loud you can barely think. Just keep framing up the shots, spin the barrel on the big zoom lens, and keep the shutter going! You have to make sure the crossing gate won’t hit you on the way down while standing in the road shooting, too.

There is lots of action and noise while photographing an old steam locomotive go just as they did 100 years ago. Being so close meant total immersion in the moment with all the senses going! It truly is a genuine thrill for a guy who loves history, trains, and photography.

Soon I and other photographers would board the train behind #90 and go further on to another stop to shoot the trains and all that smoke. Two shorts on the whistle as we began to move, then even more loud whistling as the engineer blew the warning for us to cross the road as we followed #475 up the line. There is no such thing as a quiet train.

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