Funnel #14268

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The Story

In the narrow rocky gorge at Watkins Glen State Park in New York, a stone arch bridge carries the hiking trail over a swirling whitewater chute. The swift water takes a spin around the rocks after coming across the higher rock layers in sheets. A pool gathers in the basin at the bottom, and then the water of Glen Creek continues onward and ever downward.

This stone bridge carries the single path up through the gorge which follows the running water very closely. In fact, the hiking trail and Glen Creek weave around each other for most of the path’s one-mile length.  That weaving results in several of these stone arch bridges as well as two places on the trail where visitors must cross under a flowing waterfall.

Location: Watkins Glen State Park, Watkins Glen, Schuyler County, New York. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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