Getting Pretty #14076

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The Story

Getting ready for a trail ride, a woman brushes her horse in the open barn door as they stand together in silhouette. She’s intent upon the work and the long, swishing tail keeps the barn flies away from them both. It’s a grand summer morning out there and a good day to be outside for a trail ride. That’s especially so when heading out through the sunny valley surrounded by those beautiful blue-green mountains beyond. Why not look your best as you go?

A little impatient to get on with the ride, the pretty white Arabian horse shuffles his hooves on the concrete stable floor. Scraping metal horseshoe sounds echo against the stable walls. It combines with the steady brushing sounds and noises from other horses in their stalls. The stallion looks back toward the camera, just to keep an eye on me and what might be going on in those other stalls. The horse is relaxed, he’s comfortable watching over things and keeps his white tail swishing.

But above all, this horse grooming silhouette picture is about the connection between a woman and her horse. Although horse grooming can be work for horse keepers, moments like this one are both relaxing and bonding, but it also represents care and love both given and taken.

Location: outside Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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