Ghost Concert #13942

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The Story

Viewed from the seats in peanut heaven, here’s an empty high school auditorium from the old days. Everything is in rough and dusty condition but after all, the school hasn’t been used since 1980. In fact, it’s a wonder it’s still here at all anymore.

The old baby grand piano and all those uncomfortable wooden seats are laid out before you without a soul in sight. Most of the time, no one but the spooks have been here in decades. Some parts of the old school are still used as a community center in that small decaying coal town in Pennsylvania, but no assemblies, singing, or music are made here any longer. The well-used phrase old school comes to mind here with this scene, and the Cooper School is definitely all of that.

The baby grand piano was bought new when the school was built in 1917 and it’s pretty well worn and rickety with missing keys too. I took a chance on those wobbly piano legs by pushing it into position for this shot taken from the balcony. That’s the side of the stage in the lower right.

Care to see a picture of the basketball court in the old gymnasium in this empty high school? It’s right here as Inertia #13929.

Location: Cooper School, Shenandoah, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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