Ghost Train #13013

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The Story

A steam freight train is rounding a curve through a snowy rock cut beside a river with steam locomotive billowing smoke in the cold winter air. The old Western Maryland Scenic Railroad steam train is moving along the river like a ghost straight out of the past on this reenactment excursion. It pulls a mix of vintage freight cars through the steep-sided Cumberland Narrows to complete the effect of stepping out of a time machine straight into the winter of 1910.

The day of the shoot was typical January with cold and overcast, but those things worked in this photographer’s favor to shoot a steam locomotive in action. Despite having to be outside in it all day, fifteen degrees made conditions just right to get a lot of smoke and steam. Shown here is a towering and dramatic 200-foot plume of smoke and steam and the cold enhanced every shot this way all day! Sometimes bright and sunny isn’t what you want.

Taken along Wills Creek, the place is the Cumberland Narrows between Haystack Mountain and the river coming out of Cumberland MD. This section is just before the long uphill climb through the high scenic mountains to Frostburg MD sixteen miles away. You too can ride this train; see their website and schedule at

If you enjoy this old-fashioned railroading, you can see more smoke and steam from this locomotive in winter in The Crossing #12980 and Dawn Departure #13669.

Location: the Cumberland Narrows along Haystack Mountain and Wills Creek at Cumberland, Allegany County, Maryland.

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