Gold Mine #15064

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The Story

Under blue skies and sunshine, late Fall finds the golden yellow leaves of a sugar maple lit by full sunlight. The blue sky carries white clouds and the entire scene is a treat for the eye. It’s pretty and joyful to see. Although this tree has lost about half of its leaves this late in the season, it’s still a stunner against that deep blue.

It’s usually the maples that begin turning color first when the leaf season begins. Their red, orange, and golden yellow leaves are typically almost all gone before the others. However, this tree and a few others nearby like Golden Green #15056 were the latest maples around that area.

Half the foliage already dropped makes this tree more interesting to me because the trunk and limbs can be seen much better. The leaf sparseness combined with the complexity underneath just makes it more interesting.

Location: Near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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