Golden Slumbers #14475

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The Story

A sunset sky sailboat heads into harbor in the very last golden light of day glinting across the water. With the day nearly done, this boat moved in slow motion across the water, and all that could be faintly heard was the muffled sound of an engine helping the sails. In a quiet scene slowly creeping, a day-is-done sailboat heading home.

This scene was almost entirely still and projected near-perfect calm that was total and complete. All one could do was stand and watch, captivated by that calm and all the color. It was like hypnosis that couldn’t be broken; you went right with it as if tied to that sailboat mast. Mentally carried away and locked into this boat’s slow journey to land, it was as if this sunset sky sailboat was sailing right into Dreamland.

For another interesting Great Lakes sailboat picture plain and pure, have a look at Crystal Blue #14474 which was taken on Lake Superior.

Location: on Lake Michigan overlooking Green Bay at the town of Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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