Golden Steps #13268

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The Story

In Trough Creek Park, a small waterfall gradually steps down a wooded mountainside like the layers on a wedding cake. Being the height of Autumn, the overarching trees have dropped golden leaves all around that look like a wealth of golden coins laying on the wet stones.

They are deep riches from Mother Nature, simply scattered about. And she gives freely, as always. Always remember her kindness.

Everything was wet here because this picture was created in light rain. Not surprisingly, that was a good time to shoot: the stream filled up and the colors of all those golden leaves were much richer and saturated when wet.

At some point, someone had laid stone steps alongside the waterfall. Those steps continued uphill, then turned into a steep path up and over the mountain.

Catch the wider scene here in Upward Path #14290. And see the view the other way as this stream heads down into the ravine occupied by Tough Creek itself, a picture taken from the top of this waterfall.

Location: Rainbow Falls in Trough Creek Park, near James Creek, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks.

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