Green Wonder #12537

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The Story

This old pickup truck had weathered wonderfully into a pale green patina with rust showing through. It’s perfectly faded out funk. The summer vines wrapping the bumper had ripened to the same shade of green in the August heat and started to climb the grille. It’s really hard to read the nameplate on the front, but this was made by White sometime in the 1940s.

Surprisingly, the old fashioned bug eye headlights poking through the foliage still have their glass. The windshield is still intact though the mirrors are gone, probably taken for parts needed elsewhere. Living out retirement in the back of a remote country junkyard away from prying eyes and vandals kept this old pickup truck undamaged.

The junkyard is rather special being full of old farm equipment, including farm trucks like this one. There were even old horse-drawn wooden threshers with wooden spoked wheels! Sitting in the middle of a rural area, there’s no doubt all of it was from nearby farms that surround the place for miles.

I worked the camera position from one side to the other looking for the best angle, but this head-on view worked best to show the character and the twisted around overgrown weeds. The background is dark because it was parked halfway into a funky old shed that had roughly the same amount of wear and total neglect.

I enjoy this weathered green against the deep black with a little rust starting to show through. There’s a bit of steering wheel showing in the blue-black windshield. Overall, it was striking sitting there in the August heat and sunlight. Like everything in this old junkyard, there is simply no telling how long ago someone turned the key off for the last time. With this weathered green roadrunner, you’d certainly hear some stories if it could talk. Some of them might be like a Steven King novel!

Another insight about this old truck…if green is the color of rebirth and renewal as it is with the Spring season, then this truck will never die. It’s probably as close to immortal as a vehicle is ever going to get!

If you like old trucks of the 1940s vintage that are fading away with grace and character, there’s another from this same junkyard called Bonnie And Clyde #9735. The title came about from all the bullet holes you’ll see there.

Location: Blair County, Pennsylvania. Image and text © Andrew Dierks

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