Halls Mill Covered Bridge #14846

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The Story

The Halls Mill covered bridge is a historic wooden covered bridge, one of fifteen covered bridges in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Being a true mecca for covered bridge lovers, Bedford County has put together a driving tour to help tourists to see them. I’ve done the tour and there is also much wonderful rural scenery to enjoy while on the route. Take your camera!

Halls Mills covered bridge lies just a few miles north of Everett, PA, just off RT 26. It spans the pristine meandering Yellow Creek,  a watercourse well known by fly fishermen who prefer going after trout. The wooden bridge itself is a 97-foot-long Burr Truss bridge built in 1872, remarkably the last of seven on this site. It’s owned and maintained by Bedford County as are many of the bridges here.

On the way home, I stopped here to photograph after some railroad shooting further downstate. Thankfully, the bridge is a very quiet and tranquil place, very welcome after all those road miles and noise. It was a great place to be calm and simply enjoy photography and relax for a needed change.

Yellow Creek is mostly flat and calm for its 20 mile length and especially so here. There are homes nearby and the grass is kept cut. You can easily park and get down close to the water to enjoy the bridge and stream views. Of all the historic bridges in the county, Halls Mill covered bridge is one of the more scenic.

It’s the narrow St Paul’s Church Road that crosses this covered bridge. A few cars came and went while I was here, rattling and rumbling the heavy wooden bridge planks. The sound is almost musical and part of the charm of being there, far different than the complete calm about this place.

Another Bedford County covered bridge on this website is featured in a winter view called Bridge Over The River Quiet #13309.

Try this covered bridge picture as a digital jigsaw puzzle!

Location: the rural countryside north of Everett, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story ©Andrew Dierks

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