Haunted House #15001

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The Story

Here’s a skeleton standing in the open window of his haunted house out in the spooky old woods. It’s just old Jake McCall keeping an eye on things. As a homeowner, you never know what you’ll see out there in the countryside, so it’s best to keep a watch. There’s no telling…it might be someone who wants to steal your bones, and of course, any skeleton likes to keep all he has!

No Halloween holiday is complete without a haunted house, especially one with a resident spook living inside. Being the friendly sort, Jake is waving hi to all passersby. They start out walking but leave running!

Believe it or not, this is an upscale home in Spook Hollow just outside the town of Afterlife. Jake and Desmerelda McCall live here in harmony in the forevermore, and the heating bills are virtually non-existent too. Not surprisingly, no lights are needed in eternity either!

Location: Spook Hollow near the town of Afterlife, which lies not far from the bigger town of Great Divide. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks.

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