Here Comes Dotty #12977

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The Story

A small group of running Appaloosa horses turns together at the pasture corner, showing their spots. In the rear is a gray with darker spots. Taking the lead is what is known as a flea-bitten gray in the horse world. And coming alongside is the little pony Dotty, with her deer-brown spots over white.

We had these Appaloosa horses in a small paddock fenced with graying wooden boards, and the grass was a little long. The summer heat was high, the sun bright, but it was a perfect June day. The horses moved around easily when they were made to run by my photo helpers who shooed them along into motion. Otherwise, they were content to stand and graze while swishing flies as horses will always do. But on this day, they had to perform for the camera!

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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