High Rise #09426

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The Story

A giant sycamore tree in winter snow rises high above a small red covered bridge, dwarfing it. This mighty tree has a thick white trunk that goes out into many very long branches that reach like arms and curl like fingers. With no competing trees around it, this giant sycamore tree took advantage by spreading wide as well as tall, and it is impressive.

Naturally, all sycamore trees like to have their feet in the water and most are usually found along streams and rivers. This one drinks easily from the constant stream running behind it.

As their yearly course of nature, sycamores begin peeling their brown bark in summer that falls in long curly sheets, like paper. By the middle of winter, many show their naked white bare bark that lights up in the winter sun as this one does. Next time you take a winter drive, you may easily notice these white trees standing out.

Elsewhere on this site is another shot of sycamore trees along the scenic snowy banks of a small stream called Cool Water Sycamores #09311. They’re younger and smaller with a long way to go to catch up to this giant! But with plenty of water right beside them, they might someday match it.

Location: Mingo Creek State Park, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

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