Highway To Hell Hotel #15333

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The Story

Under blackened skies, Jake McCall stands in front of the Highway To Hell Hotel in the Town of Afterlife. It’s a very social spot. Parking is in the rear and the cafe is on the first floor. Come on in, sit a spell, mix with the regulars like Jake, and visit with all the spooks who are just passing through from nearly anywhere.

The Hotel is a popular stop and watering hole for those traveling Route 666 to Great Beyond and even further to The Other Side. Breakfast is served all day and you can even catch the bus there too. For those interested, there’s a smoky card game every Tuesday a little after 4 PM in Room 420.

Most people naturally think these old Victorian houses are haunted yet many are not. They’re simply left behind and forgotten. Here in Afterlife, this old Hotel is most definitely haunted! There’s usually an empty seat in the cafe if you care to find out for yourself.

The old Highway To Hell Hotel is clearly a little rough around the edges after all these years. No one is sure when it was built or who put it up, but somehow it just stays up. Hmm…it must be from those unexplained powers that be in The After.

One certain thing though, the place has always been there and is likely to be there for a lot longer yet. It only goes to figure as all the customers who frequent the place are eternal, so the old Hotel itself may very well be too.

Location: the large hotel along Rt 666 in the Town of Afterlife. Can’t miss it. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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