Hollidaysburg Long View #13589

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The Story

This is a clear view of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, in a landscape of winter snow and sun taken from Chimney Rocks overlook. Some historic canal era houses from the 1830s line the foreground in front of the old canal basin, today filled in with railroad tracks. Being such a clear day, you can see out to the beginning of the beautiful blue Allegheny mountains beyond to where Altoona lies. Route 36 north going over the bridge will take you there as it goes through town and passes the tall First Presbyterian church steeple and Blairmont Country Club golf course. The scenery goes for miles!

Not many towns have such a great place to see themselves in the landscape from above as Chimney Rocks overlook. This natural rock outcropping is just across from Hollidaysburg. In fact, to have such an overlook above any town is rather unusual. The rocks are at the top of a nearby high ridge and can be seen from anywhere in town. This picture is taken from the highest of two viewing places and many people have climbed to the top for the astounding scenery. In recent years, the area was bought by the boro of Hollidaysburg and developed for ease of access together with a picnic area and restrooms. You can easily walk to the lower view, but the upper view is still a pretty good uphill hike.

To have a snowfall followed by a sunny day doesn’t happen very often and something to take advantage of. With some effort, I climbed the upper trail in eight inches of powder snow in the beautiful winter woods and came to the top. From this high view of Hollidaysburg, any detail in town could be easily seen and the entire valley was laid out in white with the mountains in the background. This dramatic landscape scenery is what has made the climb a worthy one for thousands of people through time. See more about Chimney Rocks Park here.

Would you like to see more of this old town? An interesting Hollidaysburg panorama taken in summer sunshine titled Hollidaysburg Summer 2012 #14894 is here.

Image and text ©Andrew Dierks

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