Home Sweet Home #15003

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The Story

As the mower blades whir, Jake McCall the skeleton groundskeeper goes by while mowing grass in the Peaceful Sighs Cemetery. Unlike most lazy skeletons who prefer to lay around doing nothing, Jake really likes to get things done. In fact, he took this part-time job as a groundskeeper for something to do after retiring from a long career in a haunted house attraction as the Fright Manager. See the picture Haunted House #15001 of Jake at work.

Generally, he doesn’t mind working outside naked in the summer sun as he has nothing to hide anyway. The winter cold outside doesn’t bother him a bit either. But he still keeps his hat and shades on and sometimes enjoys a pipe full of Old Tomb Dust tobacco while pushing the lawnmower.

A few days ago, a reporter from The Daily Oblivion newspaper stopped into this graveyard just outside the town of Afterlife to ask a few questions about the cemetery being haunted. There he found Jake McCall, full-time skeleton spook and part-time groundskeeper, hard at work mowing grass.

“We’ve heard Peaceful Sighs Cemetery is fairly and regularly haunted. What do you say, Jake?” asked the inquiring reporter.

Jake replied, “I’ve been here quite a few years and haven’t seen a single spook at all, but funny things have happened here around Halloween…probably just the local kids. I’m here most of the time and anytime they see me, they run away screaming even in broad daylight. I just can’t understand these goofball kids today.”

The reporter then noted Jake was missing a front tooth and asked about it. Mr. McCall claimed he had tripped over a crypt while mowing grass the other day and fell down, knocking the tooth out in the process. “No worries. There are plenty of good former dentists in this town and an old tooth to match should be easy to find around here too.”

Location: Peaceful Sighs Cemetery beside the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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