Horse Kiss #12374

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The Story

I used to enjoy sitting on the fence watching the horses while observing herd behavior and their interactions. Horses have their chosen friends and cliques within a group. You would see a pair of buddies “chewing withers”, or backscratching, that only the close pairs do with one another. Less often you will see this, which is what I call a “horse kiss”. Smelling each other’s breath is the horsey way of knowing your neighbor that is done with this head-to-head exchange of full breath. They will stand like this for half a minute or so. I have sometimes seen this as a deep greeting for those who are first meeting or reinforcing a deep bond between a pair who already know one another, but it can go the opposite way if the horses don’t care for one another or one tries to dominate, which explodes into squealing, breaking apart, and other commotion. In this case, it was an actual breeding pair of barn mates that already had a long bond, and later on there was a little foal… Monthly Newsletter sign up at Dierks Photo on Facebook…

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