Horses On A Hill #14588

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The Story

There isn’t much like a beautiful summer day in Pennsylvania farmland scenery, especially if it includes a few horses on a hill. This black and palomino were slowly and easily grazing across this broad and very steep pasture on one of the higher hills with blue skies and clouds all around. This high pasture hillside overlooks the more level farm fields surrounding it and there’s a miles-long view of the countryside from up there.

To be there in the quiet of the sunny countryside with these two horse companions was very tranquil and relaxing. This setting made it very easy to take close to sixty pictures just for the heckuvit while visiting with these horses on a hill. They were the friendly sort of horse. At first, we were strangers, but then we talked about the price of hay, how nice the sun felt on our hides, and how green and good this particular pasture was even if you had to stand at an angle.

On this beautiful sunny day in good pasture, it seemed like life was feeling just about right for both man and horse, taken as a whole. In the end, this picture is one of the better ones taken of our shared moment.

There is a nice horizontal view of this along with another write-up called Heavens Above #14587.

Location: near Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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