Howdy Neighbor #15002

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The Story

Here is a skeleton cutting the graveyard grass. It’s pipe-smoking Jake McCall hard at work in his part-time retirement job as caretaker and groundskeeper at the well-known Peaceful Sighs Cemetery. Of course, being a friendly old soul, going by with his push lawnmower he says, “Howdy there, neighbor!”

Being naturally lazy in retirement, most skeletons would just lay around on this job or any other. Even looking for work is too much bother for most of them, but not this guy.

Cemetery care is hard work with a lot to do. However, this happy skeleton takes it all in stride. As always, keeping the grass cut is the biggest part of it, but a little public relations work on the side makes it fun. Truth be known, Jake loves scaring the tar out of the neighborhood kids in broad daylight when he can, just like this!

With an eternity of time to kill, any skeleton can benefit from having a good sense of humor, even though it may be dead-end dark humor. Those neighborhood kids don’t know what they’re missing!

Location: the Peaceful Sighs Cemetery on the edge of the town of Afterlife, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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