In Step #13720

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The Story

On a Spring day in a horse pasture, this Arabian mare and her leggy foal moved in step together while trotting through the green grass. The three-month-old filly stayed glued to her mother’s side. The little one was shy around a stranger with a camera which of course increased her need for security.

The horses moved as a locked pair most of the time. As usual, the baby horse stayed close and often the little one was on the other side of her mother. Nature has her ways.

This Arabian mare and her three-month-old filly moved easily with every pass which showed their natural gracefulness and poise. As always with Arabians, it was a real pleasure to see them and their beautiful natural movement.

I especially enjoy a bay with their black manes and tails against the brown hide, and all the while the black hair bounced and waved as they went. The baby horse often held her tail out and up, just like her mother and in step.

Another view of this pair that day is Amigo #13359 as they moved in step together in another part of the pasture.

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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