Innocence Gone Wild #14238

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The Story

This old tricycle sits in a flower garden, captured and circled by Black-eyed Susans in the height of bloom. Deep rust replaces any color this kid toy may have once had. Quiet and the non-sound of growing plants replace any noisy kid joy it may have once been a part of. Nonetheless, the sun on those yellow flowers is certainly a kind of joyous jolt of happiness in its own right!

I photographed this old tricycle a few times across the seasons. Each time, the visual story conveyed something different and strong. In this picture, it’s a scene of cheery joy and happiness that brings back memories of summer nostalgia or simply being a carefree kid. In the winter snow version called Forever Loved #9208, the feel of the story can be about empty yearning, isolation, and need.

Of course, the interpretations about either version can be many. It’s up to each viewer and their current mental state. Such is art.

Yes, it is the same rusty tricycle in both pictures. It was bought by a decorating homeowner in a junk shop for a few bucks and simply set into the flower bed. It’s never been moved at all through time. Like pivot point, only the seasons have moved around it and the transient Black-eyed Susans come and go every year too.

The old tricycle remains…but the story about it and around it changes according to the weather. To me, it’s interesting that an old kid toy in a flower bed can be such a strong storyteller without even trying.

For fun, try this image as a digital jigsaw puzzle

Location: Irwin, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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