Just Another Day In Afterlife Book #15334

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The Story

“Just Another Day In Afterlife” is a book about the lives of the skeleton spooks in the Town of Afterlife, the place for those who have passed over from The Before into the world of The After. Forty 8.5 x 11 softcover pages of dark humor contain 18 memorable Halloween-style images and humorous writing about living in the Town of Afterlife where former lives are mostly forgotten.

Yet, these skeleton spooks do many things to enjoy themselves and pass their Eternal Time away, such as riding bikes, going fishing, tending to the lawn, naked gardening, and hanging out at the Highway to Hell Hotel and Cafe. A few, such as a musician and even a skeleton railroad brakeman, choose to work rather than simply lay around the vault.

You’ll meet the honorable Reverend Sunday on his rounds meeting parishioners and Jake McCall killing time while working his valet gig at The Hotel, not to mention Desi, a deceased flower child of the sixties.

Come join the fun and perhaps we’ll see you at the Dead Ringer Diner in Nevermore on the Friday night pizza special night!

“Just Another Day In Afterlife” book © Andrew Dierks

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