Just Hanging Out #14754

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The Story

An old lifting crane in a heavy equipment junkyard is standing by with its boom raised and cables ready to be dropped. Even though this machine is plenty old, it still works. And here in this place where they sell parts from junked cranes around the world, it lifts parts onto flatbed truck trailers for shipment. Many times the parts are trucked to a seaport; this place sells a lot overseas.

I took the same shot with a typical color camera, but this black and white infrared version was the stronger and more interesting of the two. It takes a dedicated camera to photograph in infrared and the pictures lift the usual into the unusual and appealing. Even junk.

Nevertheless, here is a color shot called Tin Can Alley #14776 from the same crane junkyard showing the colorful old Northwest crane bodies lined up in a row.

Location: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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