Laughing Santa Horse #13748

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The Story

This white horse wearing a Santa hat appears to be letting loose with a big laugh at Christmas. It’s one of the best holidays filled with cheer and certainly a time to be happy and thankful. However, this old stallion might really be giving us the bah humbug too!

It was a beautiful day to photograph with a little new snow and the sun shone through the woods into this small corral. His owner and I worked with several of her horses that day, trying for close-in pictures in portrait and motion too. We had him out working for the camera quite a long time that day, so there was no afternoon nap in his warm stall. Eventually, we tried this Santa on him for kicks and he didn’t mind it at all.

To tell the full truth,  the backstory is this old white horse is showing his enthusiasm with a big yawn! It might really have been bah humbug for Christmas after all, red Santa hat or not!

By the way, if you’ve never been hit by horsey hay breath, please continue to make every effort to avoid it. It’s a 200 proof blast guaranteed to make you back right up!

For the holiday season, another Christmas horse to see in the white stallion’s becoming young daughter, Allegra, in the picture Christmas Horse #13767.

Location: Willow Hill, Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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