Leadfoot Red #10079

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The Story

Here’s a vintage Esso leaded gas pump sitting in the lowering sunlight as day slips away, surrounded by antique metal signs. It’s in very nice condition dressed in faded red paint with a white face and belly. The top glass globe is still intact, which would have been lit at night back in the day. There is a price of 27 cents per gallon showing on the pump face, imagine that in this century. I’d say that price is roughly 1970 vintage.

Behind it is a former country store and gas station full of old memorabilia and antiques relating to gasoline retailing, something called petroliana. This very interesting place was found alongside a winding country road out in the wayback and it’s clearly a beeline straight back in time.

Without a doubt, this gas pump is clearly a piece of classic roadside Americana. There is a blue Esso version to see called Leadfoot Blue #10080 and another view of the entire old country store and gas station called Fill R’ Up #10082. Gilbarco made these vintage pumps by the hundreds back in the day and they’re still manufacturing gasoline dispensing and retailing equipment today. I’m sure you’ve used some of it in your travels, whatever the decade.

Location: rural West Virginia. Picture and story ©Andrew Dierks

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