Liberty 1 #14939

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The Story

In this shaded view looking upriver, the miniature replica Statue of Liberty stands in the Susquehanna River at Dauphin, PA, just above Harrisburg. Like the original in New York harbor, she’s complete with the famous torch and the book of laws in her hands. This miniature was placed here in 1986 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the original.

The sun lights the land and river behind her, and the breaking line in the river behind the statue is the rock strata beneath the relentless water. At this point, the 444 mile Susquehanna river cuts through three mountain lines to make a remarkable water gap. In the distance, you can see the notch in Peters Mountain where the river cuts through.

This is the second Statue of Liberty replica to stand here after the first blew over. This 1997 version is made of fiberglass over a metal and wood frame and lashed down securely to the 1859 bridge pier. The first replica was made of Venetian blinds and wood to allow the wind to pass through, but after six years, the wind and weather won out.

She was equipped with solar lighting but it was decided that would distract drivers on the busy highways either side of the river. If you look closely, you’ll see the statue is equipped with lightning rods as I’m sure the original is too. Quite recently, her robe was painted to show support for the breast cancer awareness cause.

There are two more views on this website of this unusual location in scenic Pennsylvania, Liberty 2 #14941 and Liberty 3 #14942. There is also more information with those pictures about the statue.

Location: in the Susquehanna River just off Dauphin, Dauphin and Perry Counties, Pennsylvania.

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