Life in Buttercups #09555

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The Story

In early Spring, horses in buttercups graze in high grass, framed by young ash and walnut trees against an almost clear blue sky. The mid-afternoon sun casts long shadows from other trees across the uneven and rolling pasture. The budding trees emerge in faint green to match the high grass. All the earth is refreshing itself once again, just as every Spring.

This is a quarterhorse mare and her month-old foal working through the pasture. The baby foal stays close to the mother mare while trying the new grass for itself. It’s not been weaned yet, so she reaches under her mother once in a while for milk.

As they slowly go along, the mare shows the foal not to eat the buttercups as she works around them. Buttercups are toxic to horses; it would mean a bellyache for the baby. Either way, the young one will learn about buttercup flowers as all horses before her have.

It’s a beautiful scene of horses in buttercups and how wonderful for the little one to live in such a beautiful place blessed by Mother Nature!

Location: Blair County, Pennsylvania.

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