Line To Robertsdale #03732

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The Story

In this fall scene, old rusting hopper cars sit along the narrow gauge mainline track heading south toward Robertsdale and the coal mines. When this picture was taken on slide film years ago, they had already been sitting there since 1956 when the EBT Railroad closed common carrier operations. The siding track they sit on leads to the coal dump above the coating tower. It seems the cars were just tucked away and out of the way at the end of operations. Nowadays in the modern era, they’ve been moved since the EBT Foundation took over the railroad.

All the hopper cars have side height extensions that allowed them to carry a few more tons of coal, but one does not. Interestingly, all the rolling stock seen around the East Broad Top was built in their own shops not far from this location in Rockhill Yard. The EBT didn’t buy much from outside vendors to the railroad trade, only the raw materials like sheet steel to make these cars, among other things.

In the lower right corner, you can see a collection of rails and other iron pieces mostly associated with trackwork. This was a place where track parts were stored. Out of sight are two track maintenance sheds which have since been restored.

The scene is different here today and thankfully so as the EBT Railroad is being restored. But not too long ago this overgrown scene of mostly neglect is the way things were for quite a while.

Location: the EBT Railroad, Orbisonia, Rockhill Yard, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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