Little Sable Lighthouse #09648

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The Story

Although this image looks like something right out of the Caribbean, Little Sable Point Lighthouse lies about halfway up the eastern side of Lake Michigan from Chicago. It is certainly one of the most scenic lighthouses in the country. The original brick finish seen here was restored when the modern steel plating was removed after decommissioning by the Coast Guard.

The lighthouse was finished in 1874 and stands 108 feet tall. The conversion to an automatic electric light came in 1954, eliminating the need for a lighthouse tender, and the light can be seen for 19 miles. Lake Michigan can be hazardous with roughly 3000 shipwrecks laying on its bottom, so lighthouses like this one at Little Sable Point that have helped guide mariners still have an important purpose. Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state.

Little Sable Point Lighthouse is part of Silver Lake State Park in this scenic area of Michigan. I was very surprised to see how much sand there is in this playground area of Michigan near Sleeping Bear Dunes. The high sand dunes behind the lighthouse come down to a wide flat beach in this picture and the beach is a popular tourist spot in the summer months. I was fortunate to photograph here earlier in the season during a less crowded cooler time. This scenic long view over the lake goes for miles, just as the light from this lighthouse does.

Location: on Lake Michigan in the Great Lakes at Little Sable Point Lighthouse, Silver Lake State Park, Empire, Michigan. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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