Loafer’s Lane #14564

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The Story

Ever the epitome of a super cool spirit with his hat, cigar, and shades, this lazy skeleton spook rests his bones while sitting on the lopped-off door of a junkyard car. It’s a great sunny Fall day in the Town of Afterlife, just right for a suntanning skeleton, not to mention a good day to just sit and listen to the birds chirp. If you have a lot of eternal time to kill, then hanging out is the perfect thing to do. There’s simply no hurry when living in The After.

The car is a rare rusting “Henry J” from the nineteen-fifties he’s using as a lazy skeleton throne. What the heck, when the weather’s good, a junkyard is better than a graveyard any day for a haunting specter! Things could be more fun in the junkyard if any mechanics come around looking for auto parts.

Through spook magic that mortals will never understand, the old Henry J car can indeed run…but just once a year on Halloween. Sometimes there’s a limit on the magic powers of skeleton spooks, you see. This lazy one better soon go find some ectoplasm to run in the car on Halloween, or he won’t be having much fun on the big night.

Upcoming Halloween night will be a grand time motoring around while doing some classic haunting drive-bys. Just waving out the window is enough to get a big rise out of the panicky mortals still living in The Before. When making those ever-memorable once-a-year Halloween visits, what other car might make a better spook-mobile than this one?

Location: a junkyard outside the Town of Afterlife. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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