Looking Lakeward #15340

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The Story

The Michigan City, Indiana lighthouse stands at the very bottom of Lake Michigan. Many Great Lakes lighthouses have catwalks for winter access when the storms come, but here at Michigan City, the rather lengthy catwalk seemed more extensive than usual going out onto the long cement pier. It also cuts back at an angle.

To make a more interesting photograph, I found a spot to have the catwalk going both ways and the lighthouse appropriately placed in the diagonal lines. Then I shot lakeward into the fair weather sky.

The official name of this installation is the Michigan City East Pierhead Light. It opened in 1904 and rises 49 feet. Visitors can sometimes tour inside and many locals enjoy a walk out the long cement pier in good weather, but people aren’t permitted on the elevated iron catwalk. There is also a nearby boardwalk through the sand that is very well-suited for strolling too.

All in all, the long pier is a favorite spot for locals to fish and watch sunsets, and many painters and photographers have created artwork of this historic lighthouse.

Location: lighthouse at Michigan City, Indiana, on Lake Michigan.

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