Lost Horizon #15217

Matted, canvas, & super high gloss prints available. Questions?


The Story

In this beach scene, cotton candy clouds floating in the morning sky are revealed above and reflected below as the fog lifts over the ocean surf in the Outer Banks. The horizon line lies hidden out there somewhere, lost in it. The smooth, thin sheet of water over the beach sand is a sky mirror bringing the heavens to the earth. With the ocean waves in between, the reflection creates a unique over-and-under effect.

Of course, this entire beach scene is in motion but stopped by the camera. The waves roll in constantly and those cotton candy clouds are moving slowly in their straight lines like obedient white sheep. The persistent fog is still burning off, disappearing. I don’t work in video, but this spot may have been one for some great footage.

Location: the Outer Banks at Corolla, North Carolina. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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