Lost Worlds #09293

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The Story

Here are two rows of colorful gazing balls lined up in the summer sunshine. They’re reflecting everything around…the sky above in multiple hues and all the surroundings of a roadside country market that sold all manner of kitsch to people driving by. Gazing balls may be low-brow, but I think they’re rather interesting and fun. They give a new colorful round twist to the world wherever they are planted. They are also patently a summer thing which is why they ended up in the Summer category of this website.

I enjoy color immensely and the strongly saturated ones shown here definitely suit me sometimes. I looked into each one of the gazing balls to simply take in the world in a different way enhanced by a single color. Interesting! I was delighted as a child would have been.

This photograph also serves as an impromptu summer self-portrait…notice the guy with a camera reflected in the blue-green ball at the bottom. How nice to be preserved in such a satisfying shade is what I say.

Location: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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