Louisville Kentucky Skyline #14291

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The Story

This Louisville Kentucky skyline picture taken at night captures a remarkable and stunning sight. Seeing Lousiville at night across the wide Ohio River from the Indiana side is a view that can compete with any city anywhere in my opinion. It’s dramatic in itself, but the night colors are intense and also reflected across the wide waters of the Ohio River. A few of the large bridges just out of view here are lit up in colored lights at night as well. All of it makes for a fantastic city panorama and one of a kind. To me, this dazzling skyline view is very beautiful and rare enough to seem almost unreal when seen at night.

Louisville seems to be a very liveable place. The downtown is large and undergoing a rebuilding renaissance into a cultural and arts center. The University of Louisville has a large presence in academia and sports there. I’ve found people in Louisville are generally proud of their home and heritage, and most enjoyable of all, I found any of them very easy to talk to.

Louisville is also home to one of the top summer art shows in the country, the St James Court Art Show, which is always ranked in the top three in the country if not number one. Thankfully, through repeated invitations to attend, I sold my photography artwork there for fourteen consecutive years. It became one of my favorite shows to do mostly because of the friendly people who live there and the cool vibe of Lousiville itself.

Many times the October show was held through very warm weather. In the evening after a hot day at the St James Court art show, I’d head across the Ohio River to a place along the river bank at a Clarksville Indiana park. There I’d find a few benches and the Widow’s Walk ice cream stand with this outstanding view of the Louisville skyline laid out in all its glory, glowing in the dark. A cool breeze would always be coming down the river and I’ve never known a better way to relax after working a hot art show day. It was the epitome of chilling out and a wonderful memory at that. Of course, being a photographer, this scenic city panorama of the Lousiville Kentucky skyline at night had to be captured.

Making This Louisville Kentucky Skyline Picture

I tried to photograph in the dark in that little Clarksville Indiana park several times over the years using only a tripod and camera, but the missing tool was a good panoramic bracket. I finally bought one, making the job far easier and a lot more accurate. With the subject distance, I used a 70-200mm lens to draw things closer and seven images from left to right were created. Back home at the studio in Pennsylvania, they were stitched together into one and then trimmed to this 3:1 ratio as seen here.

No doubt you’re wondering about that huge moon hanging in the sky barely above the city skyscrapers of Louisville. Lunar orbit doesn’t come that close to Earth…if it ever does, it would be best to go hide under the bed!

Truth be known, I added the oversized moon to the city view after the fact, taken from an older moon photograph of mine. Plenty of stars in the sky too, but I added them digitally as well. The panorama was fine without the additions, but I wanted to create something unique and interesting with something truly special about it. I hope you enjoy this panorama picture and might agree it is a successful piece of artwork too. This Louisville Kentucky skyline picture taken at night is available as 12×36 or 20×60 on canvas with free shipping to the USA.

Other City Views

Pittsburgh At Night #14325 offers another intriguing American city view at night, this time of the Three Rivers in Pittsburgh PA. Yet another interesting city view from an overlook is Hollidaysburg Summer View #14894 although a much smaller place in Pennsylvania. For me as a photographer, it’s always been great and enjoyable to get above a town and photograph a wide landscape.

Location: Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, along the Ohio River. Panorama picture and story © Andrew Dierks


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