Making Time #15227

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The Story

Up in the cab of Northern Central Railway #17, the engineer has his hand on the throttle as it speeds down the railroad track making lots of dark smoke. This replica of an 1860s Civil War era 4-4-0 steam locomotive is pulling replica period passenger cars too. Together, they make up a reproduction of Lincoln’s funeral train which actually ran down this line on its way to his burial place in Springfield, Illinois.

The Northern Central Railway was once a busy railroad at the time of the Civil War, running from Baltimore MD north to Sunbury PA along the Susquehanna River. Over time, its fortunes waned and the railroad faded away. The rails were taken up in the 1970s. This particular section of its former mainline had rails relaid upon it to create a place for this unique train to run, some ten miles or so. Alongside the tracks is the York County Heritage Rail Trail, making this a unique rails-with-trails situation.

Location: near New Freedom, York County, Pennsylvania.

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