Many A Season #14907

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The Story

This old feed mill door is the entrance to a large four-story mill built in 1913. The wavy glass is very old too and likely original. It plainly carries the basics of what the business was about, manufacturing flour and animal feed. Heavily weathered, the door shows where snow lays deep on the porch in the winter. Someone has tried to do a little wood patching work and the vintage lock and doorknob are probably original too like everything else here but the floorboards. The mill closed in the 1960s and the building is now under the care of a local preservation group.

The mill sits right in the old town of Saltsburg PA and reflected in the glass are other even older buildings across the street as well as the porch roof supports.

Years ago, the mill made flour by the boxcar load for well-known commercial names like Betty Crocker and such, but as regulations about manufacturing for human consumption grew stricter in the 1940s, its business became solely animal feeds.

Location: Saltsburg, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

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