Masterpiece #14577

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The Story

A huge Gothic church that has been converted into a social hall and concert venue is featured in this image along with its resident black grand piano, waiting for the moment when someone will play it. The high vaulted ceiling with arches and the three door symmetry focus the eye on the battery of large organ pipes in the choir loft…here is some genuine and grand beauty in religious architecture. This old Catholic church building itself dates from 1908 and was originally a German immigrant parish in the Cambria City section of Johnstown, PA. There were once many Catholic churches in that one small section of the city, so in recent times of reduced population the diocese consolidated the parishes and sold the buildings, some of which were gathered up by a preservation society called The Steeples Project who now run this rental hall. For information about them and this very beautiful building, go to Monthly Newsletter sign up at Dierks Photo on Facebook…

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