Men At Work #14138

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The Story

With his radio at the ready, the railroad engineer in the cab of an old Shay steam locomotive waits for the order to move ahead as the exhaust steam rises around him. Off to the side, the firebox door opens and another scoop of coal is thrown into the hot glowing firebox. Up ahead, another Shay steam locomotive and train of the Cass Scenic Railroad is blocking the track while it takes on water from a mountain stream.

For this photograph, I was sitting high on a woodsy bank beside the tracks staying out of the way of the trains. This old Shay locomotive came slowly up the track and stopped beside me right at cab level and I shot this scene of waiting and swirling steam as things played out. It was great to get a cab shot and see inside as the crew worked. It was a great chance to see a railroad engineer at work which doesn’t often happen, especially one running a Shay steam locomotive.

This train crew was out for the day on #11; note the lunch bag behind the engineer’s seat.

As another side note, the title Men At Work isn’t entirely accurate — the fireman that day was a woman.

Location: Cass Scenic Railroad, Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

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