Mill Run #15051

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The Story

The steep hillside stream bank of Mill Run is full of trees leaning toward the water. The colorful yellow leaves of the beech trees are mixed with light green sugar maple leaves just about to turn. They’ll soon change to autumn color then eventually drop to join the others on the hillside.

Mill Run that flows through Altoona PA is generally placid as it goes, rippling very little, perfect to throw colorful reflections like these. It’s the mirror where Mother Nature can see herself and her own beauty. We mere mortals are welcome to join in anytime we choose to climb down the bank to see, as I did here bringing the camera along.

A busy main road passes tightly against the stream on the right just out of the frame leaving very little stream bank. From the road, the stream is hidden by foliage and lies several feet below road level. Thousands of people pass by every single day, but no one stops and life goes right on by. Nevertheless, nature patiently carries on anyway as we go about our human business. Yet she holds this surprise of colorful reflections for anyone who will stop and venture here.

For those who would like to easily venture further into Fall color, there is more on this website with the Fall Landscape gallery.

Location: Within the city of Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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