Mister McCall #15000

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The Story

Jake McCall waves hello from the open window of his haunted house out in Spook Hollow, just being neighborly. Friendly manners are simply what country people often do, even with everyday strangers going by.

Not many come along the country road through Spook Hollow by this skeleton’s house, so it’s a good chance for a friendly wave. Not many willingly stop in this out-of-the-way place either. Even the mailman drops the mail off quickly and clears right outta’ there! Jake says he sometimes finds UPS packages left at the end of the lane. Then again, a skeleton living in The After doesn’t have much mail coming when he’s been departed for quite a while.

Jake has said he can’t understand why people are ready to jump out of their skin when they see him. That behavior seems plenty odd to him, particularly when being out of his skin seems a perfectly natural way for a skeleton spook to be.

Ah, but no matter. It’s a nice sunny day. Better get on with the chores is what he figures, and gets ready to cut the grass and sweep the porch. Maybe straighten up the record collection too.

Writing of household chores, there’s no need to worry about washing the windows in a haunted house because there usually are none. The spirits living in it need a way to go in and out anyway.

Location: Spook Hollow just outside the small town of Afterlife, not far from the bigger town of Great Divide. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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