Mother Watch #14204

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The Story

The days are growing a little longer, the first football games are on Sunday television, and some of the trees are losing their leaves as the year moves into Fall. The vibrant and lush green of summer has dulled and many large browned sycamore leaves lie curled on my walking paths in the woods.

All those clues show that Fall is coming and changing our mindsets along with the entire world around us. Shorts will be exchanged for sweatshirts, open house windows will soon be closed. Thoughts will go to having hearty vegetable soup on a cool, brisk day, and slices of watermelon and cold Cokes are forgotten.

This image was taken one Fall morning not long ago, in a Pennsylvania pasture not far away. The air was cool and it smelled like the change of the season…

Location: near Fannettsburg, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

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