Nobody Home #15048

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The Story

A solitary gray birdhouse made of weathered wood stands amongst a grove of sugar maple trees. It’s late fall and many of the vibrant yellow leaves have already fallen to the ground. Yet still, some leaves hang on randomly, glowing almost like lanterns when lit by the morning sunlight.

Winter is nearing, the Fall foliage is getting ready to pass. Some of the yellow leaves have already fallen and litter the ground with their golden color gone to rust. The high grass that was once in abundant summer green has faded and dulled away, ready to pass too.

This park is always inviting and a great place for quiet, private walks along the trails and paths out through the woods and fields. This scene is one of them. That perspective down through the tree trunks and high grass only invites a walk into this landscape. It surely and simply pulls a person with deep curiosity and a love of nature.

I’d call that an invitation, and I’m sure to take it.

Oh, and the title of Nobody Home? The bird family that had been living in the weathered birdhouse had already packed those bags and flown away to sunnier climes.

Just behind this scene was a wonderful view of another sugar maple in yellow leaves right beside a red maple in striking fiery red leaves. If Fall has any zing to it, that would surely it! I called that picture an obvious title of Side By Side #15046.

Location: Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Picture and story © Andrew Dierks

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