Nowhere Man #14237

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The Story

This old abandoned garage has a specially reserved parking place in the scorching sun waiting for someone to have a seat. The white painted walls have thinned out to nearly see-through chalk as the red chair paint continues to fade away. The garage door has lost its knob, the phone is on hold, and the endless hang goes on and on. It’s an endless wait here.  Seems to me that Waiting and Patience can sometimes ride together with Weathering and Rust as partners in time.

Someone will have a hot seat in the red metal chair when they arrive. That is, if they ever do. As always, the baking summer sun keeps the heat turned up relentlessly. Certainly, the refrigerating winter snow is bound to take over later on, much later on.

It’s a neighborhood garage, simply waiting with a big Garage sign to show the world. Someone left all this here long before. Now the chair sits alone outside, awaiting the return of some small-town mechanical General MacArthur who said he’d be back. The world continues to go by and the grass continues to grow. This scene is really just an empty stage, set in red against stark white.

Addendum: After re-reading this, I’ve decided the old abandoned garage story is a bit too sad and empty. So, some imagination is needed to lift this image and story to another place…same stage set, but a different play with another script.

Imagine a young girl about eight with her light blonde hair in pigtails and legs in play jeans. She’s sitting in the chair eating her summer favorite, a cool cherry red popsicle. It always makes her happy, so her legs swing as she smiles directly at you, the viewer.

There’s some happiness and contentment. A much better story with a smile.

Location: a small town in rural Door County, Wisconsin, in the bright summer sun. Picture and story ©Andrew N Dierks

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